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Pregnant women and new mothers are facing a tough time in the recession. Maternity benefits have been cut or means tested. Public criticism of maternity rights has given employers the confidence to treat women badly. The laws which should protect women’s jobs are being flouted. Changing maternity leave arrangements may put pressure on women to return to work early. Funding cuts are reducing services for mothers and babies at time when the number of births is growing.

We need the Government to champion pregnant women and new mothers, not make life more difficult. Don’t introduce a new maternity and parental leave scheme which reduces rights for women, reduces family incomes and which few fathers will take-up. Start pulling employers into line when they do the wrong thing by pregnant women and new mothers. Stop cuts to NHS maternity services and services for families. The need for support is growing not shrinking.
Pregnant women and new mothers are carrying the burden of the recession. That’s not right. It is time we started valuing maternity.

We are calling for:

  • Job security for all women during pregnancy and maternity
  • Maternity and parental leave that promotes real equality
  • Services to support a safe and healthy pregnancy

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